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Welcome To Siberians

We have re located to Coeur D Alene, Idaho!   We have 2 kittens avaiable for their new homes today!  


My mom's cancer treatment  Thanks for all of your prayers!   Her immune system is very fragile. Please reschedule if you are having any symptoms of being sick.  Right now her cancer seems to be in remission!

Barbara Henderson is now selling IT Works products.  We started using Greens on the Go.  It is a packet that you mix with a glass of water.  It has helped give her energy which is a big deal with chemo.  It is 8 servings of fruits and vegtables.  It helps Alkalize, Detoxify, Ph Balance, and has probiotic support.  Here is a link to her website.  We haven't tried all the products.  But I love the essential oil diffuser and the Greens on the Go.  Copy and paste this link in a web browser to see IT Works products  

We charge 25$ for a visit to our home.   Please bring allergy medicine in case of an allergic reaction.  This fee will be subtracted from the price of the kitten.  However, if you decide not to purchase a kitten from us we will keep the 25$ as it takes a lot of time out of our day.  We encourage people to come, meet our cats, and see if you are allergic. We recently added a puppy to our home.  Most people are not allergic to dogs..........However, a few people are. 

Below are  kittens that are HAPPY in their new homes!

Kittens are great helpers.......


The cat below looks just like his daddyheart








Below is a picture of 2 of our kittens.  A family had bought one and came back a year later for a second one.  These 2 kittens became great friends.


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