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Our Queens

Our cats are registered with TICA  

​Princess Sasha and her kitten Angel Grace below.  We are keeping precious little Angel Grace.  Love Princess Sasha and Angel Grace.


Princess Sasha below



honey20 (640x426).jpg

Princess Sasha below

sasha20 (494x640).jpg

Honey below 10 months old in this picture

honey22 (640x361).jpg

Princess Sasha below 8 months old in this picture

sasha22 (640x426).jpg

Princess Sasha below

sasha21 (640x426).jpg


Honey 5 months old in this picture.  A very special thanks to Snow Wonder Siberians.heart


Princess Sasha below 4 months old in this picture. A special thanks to Siberian Beauty.



Baby Blue Rain.  Our retired queen.  She is enjoying a life of leisure.   She keeps the other girls in line.heart  She was my first Siberian.  Below are pictures of her now and when she was younger.  She will turn 7 in September and still behaves like a kitten.  This was my first Siberian and I just love her so much. A Special thanks to my Grandma and our friend Vicki McCaroll at Sibirskiy





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